Text Your Ex Back Review – Intro

This Text Your Ex Back Review takes a closer look at the Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back program and it’s ability to help you get your ex back after a breakup.

What Is Text Your Ex Back?

The Text Your Ex Back PDF is a 76 page downloadable ebook written by Seattle based relationship expert and dating coach, Michael Fiore. It is a “step-by-step guide and implementation manual” that details Michael Fiore’s unique texting formula for sending text messages to your ex after a breakup.

As Michael puts it…

“In this program I’m going to lay out a step-by-step process that will show you how to use simple text messages from your cell phone to rekindle the romance with your ex, open him or her up to the idea of being with you again, and get things off on the right foot as you start dating each other.”

Text Your Ex Back was released in October 2011 and quickly became a huge hit amongst its readers. Michael Fiore’s Facebook wall continues to be flooded with testimonials on a daily basis. Because the program focuses on text messages, it appeals to a wide range of people looking for new, up-to-date methods on how to get your ex back.

This Text Your Ex Back Review is intended to examine Michael Fiore’s system and give you an insider’s look into the program so you know exactly how it can help you get your ex back.

Many relationship experts tend to shy away from text messages. Many tell you to avoid them altogether and blame them for many problems couples experience. Other experts haven’t caught on to the fact that text messages can be extremely effective at increasing passion, romance, intimacy, and desire when used in the right way.

Michael Fiore takes a much more positive approach to text messaging. In fact, many of his programs including Text Your Wife Into Bed, Text The Romance Back, and Text Your Ex Back, all focus on text messages. His own experience has taught him text messages are one of the most powerful forms of communication we have today.

Michael Fiore says…

“When you heard “Text Your Ex Back,” you probably guffawed a little bit, or choked on your soup, and said “yeah, right. I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get my ex back already. How can TEXT MESSAGES do the trick?” But the fact is that these days TEXTING is the most direct and personal method we have for intimately communicating with each other.”

Your ex is most likely addicted to his or her cell phone. It’s probably with them everywhere they go. They probably experience a slight “panic” when they realize it’s missing and it’s probably one of the few possessions they’d try to save if a fire broke out in their home.

Because of that texting gives you an enormous window of opportunity to seduce your ex back into your life, and Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back system is designed to do just that.

Text Your Ex Back Table Of Contents

The Text Your Ex Back PDF is broken down into the following sections.

  • Introduction
  • The Magic of Texting
  • Before You Text
  • Core Concepts and Marching Orders
  • The Text Your Ex Back Step-By-Step System Revealed
  • Getting Started: “Across The Bow” Texts
  • “Best Of The Relationship” Texts
  • “Intimacy Booster” Texts
  • The Green-Eyed Monster Texts
  • Emotional Honesty Texts
  • Using Texts To Turn Your Ex On
  • From “Virtual” To Physical
  • Dating Your Ex
  • Final Thoughts

As you can see, the system is pretty robust and complete from top to bottom. I’m sure Michael Fiore could have written several hundred pages of material for this program, but he does an excellent job of providing plenty of detail without adding any unnecessary fluff or filler.

In Michael’s words…

“Sit back and read through this WHOLE thing (I worked hard to keep it as short and action-focused as possible) before you start to work the program. This will take some time. I’m sorry to say it, but there’s no “magic bullet” here. There’s no one text that I can give you that will change your ex’s mind in ten minutes and have you back in romantic la-la land.”

In the first part of this Text Your Ex Back Review, I’ll walk you through each of the first four sections of the Text Your Ex Back download. These are the sections of the ebook that prep you for the actual “texting formula” you’re going to use to open your ex to the idea of being with you again.

You may be tempted to just skim through these sections of the ebook or pass them off as unimportant, but I urge you not to do so. If you’re only looking for a list of text messages you can immediately start blasting to your ex, then don’t invest in Michael’s program. Text Your Ex Back is much more than that and works best when you follow it start to finish.


In the “Introduction” section of the Text Your Ex Back ebook, Michael Fiore introduces himself and gives you some background information about the program (e.g. what it is, why he wrote it, why you should listen to him, etc.).

Michael makes it clear he can’t GUARANTEE you will get your ex back after going through his program. Love and relationships aren’t things anyone can guarantee. Not Michael. Not me. Not anyone. Any program that guarantees you will get your ex back is one you should be extremely leery of.

But Michael does guarantee this…

“But what I WILL guarantee is that after you go through this training you’ll have a much deeper understanding of why your relationship ended, how the romantic and sexual mind of your ex actually works, and how you can consciously create the relationship you’ve always dreamt of by “tuning” the way you think about love, sex, and romance, all while tapping out a few simple messages with your thumbs.”

In the introduction section of the Text Your Ex Back PDF, Michael also addresses who the program is for and who the program is not for. I think this is important because there are certain kinds of people who will benefit from Michael’s system and certain kinds of people who will not.

I think Michael Fiore sums it up pretty well when he says…

“This course is for you if you legitimately miss and appreciate your ex, feel like you’ve got a real connection, and feel like the reasons you broke up are things you can resolve, accept, or move past.”

However, as I write this Text Your Ex Back Review, it’s evident Michael Fiore’s program won’t work for everyone. Please be aware if you are one of the following types of people, then this program won’t be a good fit for you. Please don’t invest in the Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back program if you are:

  • Emotionally abusive toward your ex
  • Physically abusive toward your ex
  • The victim of an emotionally or physically abusive ex (you shouldn’t want them back in the first place)
  • Seeking revenge against your ex
  • Egotistical and only want your ex back to regain your pride
  • An asshole (let’s just be blunt here)
  • A person who has a problem with cheating and can’t be open about wanting to be with multiple partners
  • Someone with ulterior motives who wants to use the psychological tips and techniques Michael teaches you for evil

Basically if you truly care about your ex and feel like the connection you share is something worth fighting for, then Michael’s program can help you.

The Magic Of Texting

The next part of this Text Your Ex Back Review focuses on “The Magic Of Texting”. In this section Michael Fiore explains why text messages are so powerful and why they are his weapon of choice when it comes to helping you get your ex back.

Take a look at my advantages of texting article to learn more about the reasons text messages can be so effective at helping you reconnect with your ex.

In my opinion, what it really comes down to is access. Your ex is probably within a few feet of their cell phone 24/7. Text messages give you incredible access to your ex which means you have an enormous window of opportunity to reconnect and establish a new relationship.

Even if your ex doesn’t respond to your text messages, there’s still a good chance they’ll get read whereas a phone call can simply be ignored without you ever getting to say a word. You can also control the tone of your text messages by thinking about what you say before you say it.

If you have any doubts about using text messages to get your ex back, this section of the Text Your Ex Back program should help alleviate your fears.

Before You Text

Pay close attention to the next part of this Text Your Ex Back Review. Here we will discuss the “Before You Text” section of Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back program.

If you’ve recently broke up with your ex, you may be tempted to rush in and try to fix things as soon as possible. Doubts and insecurities creep in that make you feel like if you don’t do something quick, you’re going to lose them forever.

You may feel like skipping over the first few sections of the Text Your Ex Back program in favor of getting to the actual text messages so you can start blasting them to your ex. But simply blasting out text messages won’t make your ex change their mind about the breakup.

In fact, doing so is a recipe for disaster.

Texting your ex back isn’t an overnight process. It takes time and you have to take baby steps or you risk the whole thing blowing up in your face. The good news is with Michael Fiore’s help and step-by-step guidance, the entire process can happen pretty fast if you stick to the plan he’s laid out for you.

Michael says…

“Your goal is to slowly wear away the reasons you and your ex broke up, address the objections he or she may have to getting back together with you, remind them of the profound attraction that brought you together in the first place, and forge a powerful new base for your relationship…all at the push of a few buttons.”

And this is exactly why the “Before You Text” section of the Text Your Ex Back program is so important and shouldn’t be ignored or passed over if you truly want to get your ex back.

This is the section of the program where you need to be brutally honest with yourself. With Michael’s help you’re going to figure out the real reason you and your ex broke up and what it is you want to accomplish by getting back together.

It’s entirely possible you’ll go through this section and suddenly realize you don’t really want your ex back. But regardless you’ll have a much better understanding of yourself and your relationship.

And if you do still want your ex back, then you’ll be armed with all the material you need for the text messages you’re going to send. This is the fuel you’ll need to put your texting plan in action.

Michael explains…

“If you lie to yourself about why you and your ex broke up, what the “deal-breakers” in your relationship were, or what your real goals are in getting back together, then you’re going to be VERY disappointed when you pull the trigger and send your first couple of texts.”

This section is kind of like a “choose your own adventure” book where Michael discusses two scenarios:

1.) Your ex broke up with you.
2.) You broke up with your ex.

In the first scenario, Michael lays out many of the reasons people typically give when they break up with someone. He then explains what these really mean and helps you figure out what the REAL reason your ex broke up with you was. Remember, the reason your ex told you and the ACTUAL reason may be two entirely different things.

It’s natural for people to not be totally honest when they break up with you. After all, they don’t want to hurt you anymore than they have to. However, when you don’t know the real reason, it can make the breakup much more confusing and frustrating than it already is.

In the second scenario, you may have broke up with your ex and then realized you made a huge mistake. For example, maybe you broke up with them because of your own fear of commitment or your own insecurities. Maybe you thought they cheated on you, but they really didn’t or maybe it was just a heat of the moment mistake brought on by a fight.

Regardless, Michael helps you walk through each scenario and helps you figure out exactly what went wrong in the relationship. This is important because if you don’t know what went wrong, then how are you going to fix it or keep it from happening again the next time around?

In this section of the Text Your Ex Back program, you’ll also be figuring out why you want your ex back and what your goals are. Once you know what your big goal is you can figure out the baby steps that will help you achieve it.

Michael Fiore also discusses “shift points” which are small actions you can take which will take your relationship from where it is now to one step closer to your big goal. Very cool stuff.

Core Concepts And Marching Orders

In the introductory section of this Text Your Ex Back Review, I’ve covered a lot of ground to give you as much detail about the Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back program as I can. As someone who had the opportunity to get an inside look and beta test the program, I hope I can offer a unique perspective you may not get anywhere else. I’m also in touch with Michael Fiore personally so I can get answers to your questions if I don’t already know them.

The last section you’ll come to in the Text Your Ex Back program before you reach the actual text messages and Michael Fiore’s texting formula is the “Core Concepts And Marching Orders” section.

In this section Michael says…

“Some of this stuff might feel hard to accept at first (and some of it might fly in the face of what you’ve been told by pop psychologists, “romance” experts, relationship advice specialist and greeting card companies), but once you accept these concepts and really internalize them you’ll find the whole process of getting your ex back (or having a successful relationship with someone else in the future) is MUCH smoother.”

Michael describes the 5 core concepts his Text Your Ex Back system is based on. These are…

  • Your Old Relationship Is Dead And It’s Never Coming Back.
  • Forgiveness Is Power.
  • You’re Single. Date!
  • You Want Your Ex. You Don’t Need Your Ex.
  • Only Fools Rush In.

Michael Fiore describes each of these in detail. All are important to understand if you want Text Your Ex Back to work for you.

You need to understand that by using Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back program, you aren’t trying to repair your old relationship or get your old relationship back. You and your ex are different people now. The old relationship didn’t work for a reason. The 5 core concepts above will help you create a NEW and BETTER relationship with your ex.

Another cool aspect of this part of the program is what Michael Fiore calls the “I Like Myself Game”. By going through this process you will get your confidence and self esteem back which a breakup can completely destroy. You’ll be in the right frame of mind to get your ex back.

Remember, confident people have better relationships, so if you’re feeling down about the breakup, having a hard time dealing with it, or blaming yourself, then the “I Like Myself Game” is something you’ll want to pay close attention to.

People tend to think of seduction as being mostly a physical thing. But seduction happens more in the mind than anywhere else.

Here’s what Michael Fiore says about it…

“I really can’t harp on this one enough. So much of seduction, whether it’s with someone new or with someone you’ve been with in the past, is MENTAL. If you truly BELIEVE that you are someone your ex SHOULD be with, is BETTER OFF with, and will be HAPPY with, it’ll make your job so much easier.”

And with that it’s time to get into the fun stuff. In the next part of this Text Your Ex Back Review, I’ll give you an inside look into Michael Fiore’s texting formula and discuss the different kinds of texts you’ll be sending to your ex.