Text Your Ex Back – First Text Warnings

You want your ex back. You’ve considered all of your options, and you think trying to text your ex back might be a good way to go.

After all, you and your ex used to text all the time and you know your ex has their cell phone with them everywhere they go.

So you get your phone out. You start to type. And then you get stuck.

All the “what if’s” start running through your mind…

  • What if I’m trying to text my ex back too soon?
  • What if I say the wrong thing? Will I totally ruin everything?
  • What if my text messages make me sound needy or desperate?
  • What if I’m giving in too soon? Should I make my ex miss me more or text me first?
  • What if my ex misinterprets my messages?

And the list goes on and on…

Pretty soon your mind is so full of doubts, fears, and insecurities that you just stop pushing buttons. You erase your text. Then you start again. Nope, that’s no good either.

Pretty soon you’re stuck. Paralyzed. Unsure what to do or say. So you just sit there staring at your phone as if hypnotized.

You quickly realize trying to text your ex back isn’t going to be as easy as it sounds.

For a long time text messaging an ex has been frowned upon by most relationship experts. That is until Michael Fiore released his cutting edge texting system, Text Your Ex Back, in November 2011. It changed everything and finally provided a step-by-step system for sending powerful texts that could open your ex to the idea of being with you again. Cool stuff.

If you’re stuck trying to text your ex back after a breakup, don’t worry. You’re not alone by any means. Today I want to give you a few important tips on sending out that all important first text.

First Text Warnings – Read Before You Try To Text Your Ex Back

Texting done right can turn your ex’s emotions to your advantage and help open them to the idea of being with you again. Texting done wrong can completely close the lines of communication for good.

Be careful, but don’t be scared. Getting your ex back is worth the risk. Follow the below guidelines and have a look at Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back program for even more step-by-step help.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind before you ever send your first text…

Don’t Try To Text Your Ex Back Into Your Life Too Soon

If you’ve spent any time online reading about relationships and how to get your ex back, then you’ve probably come across the “no contact rule”. This basically refers to not contacting your ex at all for a period of 3 to 4 weeks following a breakup.

Before you try to text your ex back, it’s still a good idea to follow this general rule. You need time to decide if you really want your ex back and both of you need time to let the breakup “cool down” so you can be in control of your emotions. This also helps keep you from appearing like you can’t stand on your own two feet without your ex.

Resist The Urge To Talk About The Relationship (e.g. “I never meant to hurt you. It was wrong of me to…”)

As you start to text your ex, you’ll probably be tempted to talk about the past relationship and breakup. Resist this urge.

There will be time to work out the problems in your relationship later, but it’s more important in the beginning to keep the conversations positive, upbeat, and fun. Your ex needs to remember why they were with you in the first place rather than constantly thinking about why the two of you broke up.

Begging And Pleading Must Be Avoided When Trying To Text Your Ex Back (e.g. “I’m so sorry. I’ll do anything to get you back.”)

Begging and pleading never works over the phone, through email, or in face to face conversation when you want to get your ex back. And it doesn’t work to text your ex back either.

Your mindset shouldn’t be to get your old relationship back. That relationship is dead. Gone. Kaput. You need to turn your focus toward creating a new, better relationship with your ex.

Don’t Expect A Response Right Away

When you first start to text your ex back, there’s a good chance your ex won’t respond. But that’s ok. It’s perfectly normal.

In fact, your first few text messages should be structured in a way that doesn’t put any pressure on your ex to respond. Stress, pressure, and feeling cornered pushes people away.

One of the great things about texting is your message will probably still get read even if your ex doesn’t respond. Little by little you’ll be working to turn their thoughts and feelings in your favor. Be realistic and don’t expect overnight results.

Have Clear Goals And A Plan Of Action In Mind Before You Text Your Ex Back

The texts you send should always have a purpose. Michael Fiore stresses this in his pdf ebook, Text Your Ex Back, where he warns against sending “nothing texts”. According to Michael:

“What’s a “nothing” text? It’s a text that doesn’t actually SAY anything and doesn’t leave any “hooks” for positive interaction. Here are a few examples of “nothing” texts:

  • What’s up?
  • Hey, how you doing?
  • Hi.
  • Yo.

Basically, if a text sounds like it was written by a 19-year-old frat boy, it probably counts as a “Nothing” text and should be avoided (even if you ARE a 19-year-old frat boy).”

Know what result you hope to achieve from your texts before you send them. Do you want a smile? Do you want a laugh? Do you just want any response at all? Do you hope to bring back a special memory? You won’t always get the response you want, but it’s important to have it in mind.

The above 5 tips will go a long way toward helping you text your ex back. But it’s not everything you need to know.

Keep reading through this Text Your Ex Back Review website and consider checking out the Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back program for more guidance.

Wishing you the best,


  1. So pleased I came across your page.. Excellent advice.

    • Hey Billy,

      Thanks for stopping by. If I can help with anything just let me know!

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