Text Your Ex Back – Advantages Of Texting

If you’re considering trying to text your ex back after a breakup, then you may be disappointed by much of the advice you’ll find on relationship websites across the internet. Most experts are quick to dismiss texting as a “bad idea”.

But why? What makes many relationship experts shy away from offering any advice related to texting your ex?

Text Your Ex Back – Good Or Bad?

Sending text messages through a cell phone is a relatively new technology and many experts have been slow to embrace it, preferring instead to stick to “old school” methods of getting your ex back.

Telling you not to text your ex back isn’t necessarily bad advice. After all, there is some truth to steering clear of text messages under certain circumstances or you risk further alienating your ex. However, to simply avoid text messages altogether is near sighted advice that fails to see the big picture of an evolving technology that dictates the way we communicate in today’s modern world.

When it comes right down to it, text messaging by itself isn’t bad or good. It’s all in how you approach it. The right text messages under the right circumstances can do magic for a relationship. The wrong texts at the wrong time can be extremely damaging.

I think most relationship experts have your best interest at heart when they advise against it, but I think that’s largely because most people go about texting an ex in the wrong way and it ends up causing more problems in the relationship. So it’s easier to just avoid the problem rather than try and address it or offer guidance on the RIGHT WAY to text your ex back that actually works.

Up to this point, there has been little help available for anyone interested in the prospect of trying to text an ex back into their life. But Michael Fiore has begun to change all that with the release of his cutting edge Text Your Ex Back program in November 2011. Continue browsing this Text Your Ex Back Review site to learn more about Michael’s system.

Text Your Ex Back – The Advantages Of Texting

As a student of the Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back program, I have quickly realized there are many advantages to sending text messages to your ex…as long as you do it the right way. For example:

  • Text messaging is one of the most common and most powerful forms of communication we have today. Many teenagers and adults admit to spending more time texting than they do talking on their cell phones.
  • Texting is personal.
  • Texting is one-on-one, private, and intimate.
  • Texting (when done right) is nonconfrontational and noninvasive.
  • Texting gives you time to stop and think about what to say before you say it. This gives it a huge advantage over other forms of communication.
  • Texting can be done at your own pace, allowing the relationship to improve and rebuild over time.
  • Texting gives you incredible access to your ex. People carry their cell phones everywhere and have a mild panic attack when they realize it’s missing. This means you have an incredible opportunity to seduce your ex back into your life through text messages.
  • Texting creates a sense of security that allows people to open up and say how they truly feel. Many people will say things through texts that they wouldn’t say on the phone or face to face.
  • Texting increases the chance of your ex hearing what you have to say. Your ex may not respond to a text message, but chances are they will still read it. A phone call, on the other hand, can easily be ignored and you never even get a chance to get heard.

Text Your Ex Back – The Guide

There’s no doubt cell phones and text messages are here to stay. It’s a modern addiction and a form of communication that has the ability to increase romance, passion, and intimacy. It also has the power to heal old wounds and open your ex to the idea of being with you again. For those reasons, texting should not be ignored when it comes to relationships.

You just need to learn how to approach and respond to your ex through the text messages you send.

For expert step-by-step guidance, take a look at the Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back program and look below for more related posts found on this Text Your Ex Back review website.

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